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Get the best Toys rental experience with us !


Category:Fine Motor Skill Toys


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  • Fine Motor Skills
  • The Science Of Fun
  • Balancing Act

Toyshine Wooden Weights and Measures Balancing Scale | Colorful, Classic Wooden Children's Toy for Early Learning, Science, Math, STEM Education, and Fine Motor Skills

• BALANCING ACT: Find the fine line between learning and fun with this classic educational toy for children 3 and up <br> • TIP THE SCALES: Colorful weights in three unique increments bring a rainbow splash to the laboratory. <br> • WEIGH YOUR OPTIONS: Whether practicing basic addition or subtraction, or just playing around, find the perfect balance.<br> • THE SCIENCE OF FUN: Encourage screen-free fun and learning! No outlets, apps, zaps, or buzzes included<br> • NATURAL MATERIALS: Made with cuts of natural wood and finished with safe, water-based paints

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