Get the best Toys rental experience with us !

Get the best Toys rental experience with us !


Category:Fun Toys


Market Price : 2999.00

Big Toys
  • Material: Iron, Plastic, Steel
  • Maximum Load: 40 kg | Weight: 2 kg
  • No battery Operated

Garden Swing

Beautifully Designed, completely safe for your kid, and to keep entertaining the baby while he or she is enjoying the swing. The stand, seat etc are sturdy and the seat belts are totally secure so that your baby is safe while you're working and baby is enjoying on the swing. It's easy to move, so that you can keep the baby in front of you whether you're in kitchen, in living room. The swings are most entertaining and interactive never ending fun for the babies you can have at home. The seat is also very comfortable by design so that babies can sit and enjoy the swing for long. With back rest and leg rest, it adds comfort as well as additional safety. can be gifted along Cradle Cot Crib Bassinet Stroller and Swing , swing for kids babies garden outdoor indoor. moreyaji Kid Bird Chair Musical Interactive Swing For Kids - Multi Color-NON musical

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