Get the best Toys rental experience with us !

Get the best Toys rental experience with us !


Toys on Rent works as follows:

  • Step 1: Visit Toys on Rent library & go through our products category.
  • Step 2: Select a membership plan according to your need (Friendly & Affordable Simple Plans).
  • Step 3: Choose your favorite item through our catalog on our website (Amazing Fun Toys for your child, Choice is yours)
  • Step 4: Enjoy them for two weeks (Play, Enjoy, Learn)
  • Step 5: Return the old kit and get new Toys, Games & Books (Happiness & Joy Guaranteed!)

Toys on Rent offers premium quality toys, to give a positive play experience. These toys are available for rent.

The toys will be delivered to your doorsteps by 3-6 working days after your order is confirmed.

The Toys on Rent includes Delivery and pick up is free of cost for you.

Yes! They are sanitized with full safety, we have planned for this proving properly sanitized and properly packed items. The final sanitization is recommended from your side also the ones you receive the item from the delivery boy.

You can book the toy in advance and we can deliver it once it is availed back to us.

Toys on Rent have sets that are designed for both genders and lots of ages! You can search available toys by age (starting as low as 0-6 months) and going up to ages 12+.

Yes, for any damage/parts missing you have to pay the charge. Also, if you don’t pay for the damage then you won’t get the next delivery also after 30 days of damage your membership will be unregistered.