Get the best Toys rental experience with us !

Get the best Toys rental experience with us !

About Us

We are offerings you the best toys for your kids to choose from. We provide toys for kids of age 0 to 12 years on a rent basis. We have a collection of toys, games, and puzzles, etc. for the all age group kids all under a single roof. A toy plays an important role in the wholesome development of the child. We reduce the burden of the parents of bothering to look out for toys and books at different stores and fulfill all their needs at the same place.

What We Offer

Smart Toy Library

We make sure to have a stock of all trending and new Toys, Puzzles for kids

Free Pick Up & Delivery

We provide Free Delivery & also free of cost pick up of toys for our clients.

Customer Care Support

We provide 24*7 assistance, support, and services to our customers.

Availability of Your Order

We deliver your order to your doorstep at the earliest we can. It takes around 3 to 6 working days.

One stop solution for your child

Hire the Best Toys from India’s Best Toy Company!

We are from the IT industry creating the first-time platform of toy library for the new generation where one can take rent toys for a particular period by taking the membership plan of your choice. We can understand the concept just as it is for the book library. Our toy e-library is available all across India. We provide all kinds of toys, puzzle games, games for educational and recreational purposes for the age group of kids from 0 + months to 12 years of age.
We believe that a child's mind grows well with playing games and so we work on the same. Therefore, we are introducing a brilliant source of accessibility with hundreds of innovative toys. It can be hired easily by anyone for their child. This concept provides a medium of accessibility for a child to play all kinds of games without purchasing them and learn through ion rent at a much lower cost.
We have come up with the idea of accessing the toys for the child without buying the toy. We have a variety of range of rental plans that can suit your needs. You can select the membership plan as per your budget. We deliver your order directly to your doorstep and also pick up the same after your due date from your home only free of cost. You can take the membership plan as per your choice and budget.

Changing the Way of Learning, Growing and Having Fun for the Kids While the Play

A child needs right toys in the right period for their development. In the difficult times of the pandemic and lockdown, we all are suffering like hell but our children are suffering the most. Today they can’t go to school and not even go out for play and can’t even get toys at home as per their necessity and that’s somewhere affecting their mental health. Therefore, it’s their parent’s responsibility to keep them continue with the new learning and engaging them with the different kinds of toys, games, puzzles, etc. so that their skill and minds keep developing and learning. This platform is much needed in times of pandemics. Hence, we have created an environment for the children to make them happy, sharp-minded, knowledgeable, and entertaining so that they can survive well in these difficult times especially. Therefore, we have launched toys on rent business to help the needy ones.
We are coming up with an initiative of e-commerce business for toys for the sake of childcare and parenting. We aim to enable parents to engage and enjoy with their children in the most constructive and fun manner.

Our Aim

We aim to provide the best enriching experiences to the kids and their families with the best quality access to toys at a minimal cost. Hiring toys saves your money, time, and most importantly space. In today’s times we all have space problems but now no more worrying about storing the toys that kids don’t use anymore. Hiring the toys for your kids can save you. We have come up with this idea because we understand the problem of space constraints.
Children have a nature of getting bored with a toy after few days and few plays and then they demand new toys. After that, the same toys become unused and become an unused thing just taking extra space. Also, these toys are very costly. Therefore, no more wastage of lots of money on toys. No more stress of coming up with new and different toys after every month. We are here to fulfill your child's needs and demands for new toys. We make all possible efforts to keep your child happy and entertained. We assure you the best quality toys, books, and best customer service. We provide the best quality toys most hygienically under the guidance of our expert team. The safety and health of the kids are our utmost priority.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build the backbone of a child's educational growth. We understand the need for the right toys for the child at the right time and we fulfill the same. We expertise in renting out the best quality toys, branded toys, most hygienic toys for kids of age group from 0 to 12 years consisting of all categories of games at affordable rates.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a platform that will surely bring joy and happiness to your child’s life, develop their minds with the best knowledge and bring the best out of them with toy and book learning. We are also giving a thought in future to add some new technological kind of addition to our toys that would be more interesting and will develop their mind.

Benefits of Toys on Rent Platform:

  • The toys on rent play a vital role in developing the mental, physical and cognitive abilities of children.
  • No more wasting thousands of rupees on toys, games.
  • No more stress of coming up with new and different toys every couple of months.
  • It helps kids to understand the importance of timeline because toys on rents bring toys home only for a certain period.
  • It is very helpful in solving the space constraints problems that occur due to stocking games, toys, books, and puzzles for the children.
  • It builds excitement and patience in kids for having new toys and waiting for toys in the new session.
  • Kids learn to take care of toys with toys on rent as they have to return them in good condition.